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Home Improvement Tips That Will Give You A Better Life

It is important to realize that your home has a profound influence on your mood and outlook on life, every single day. You likely spend upwards of 12 hours per day in your home. If you plan your space so that it is personal and suites your individ read more...

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BloomIQ.com Expands to Include New Features for Gardeners


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American Financial Group, Inc. Announces Details about Carl H. Lindner, Jr. Remembrances and the “Only in America” Celebration Tour

CINCINNATI--()--Today American Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE/Nasdaq: AFG) announced

information related to remembrances for

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12-Ton Industrial Air Conditioner Falls From Skyscraper in New York Video

Transcript for 12-Ton Industrial Air Conditioner Falls From Skyscraper in New York

vies felled into the hands of Isis. Right here in New York City tonight, new images of that terrifying accident on a busy city street. Look at this. A plume read more...

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How Auto Mechanics Can Rip You Off, and How to Avoid Being Taken for a Ride

Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop for an oil change, only to have the mechanic say your car needs a new transmission? Has the "check engine" light come on, and suddenly the mechanic says you need expensive new engine parts?

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10 months ago

Home Renovation: 3 Rules for Hiring Contractors

Oh, how the tables have turned.

Today, like the end of a Disney movie, you and your spouse are homecoming queen and high school quarterback, and those nail bangers are just praying you'll ask them to the dance. Wouldn't payback be sweet? < read more...

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Grow Your Own Indoor Garden

Have you thought about or even tried to start a garden without any luck? Organic Gardening magazine's contributing editor Matthew Benson demystifies the gardening process and offers growing tips for 10 of the most popular herbs.

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